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Training Time & Location

Training Location, Time & Fee

Training times

Any new or prospective members are welcome to come and observe any of the classes before beginning training.

Mondays (*6:30pm) 7:30pm to 9:00pm** - all levels
Wednesday (*6:30pm) 7pm to 8:15pm - beginners
Wednesday 8:15pm - 9:15pm** - advanced levels
Saturday (Fortnightly)(*8:40am) 9am to 11:30am** - all levels

* It is asked that all students arrive around 6:30pm to help prepare the dojo.At the latest, the students are expected to arrive approximately 20 minutes before the class time to warm-up.

** After the formal completion of class, students of all levels are welcome to stay behind to complete Atogeiko (after class training) where students can practice their rolls or receive Ukemi (break falls and rolls)from other students and black belts. Atogeiko often runs till 9:30pm. When possible, students are expectd to stay behind and help pack-up the dojo.


Nightly mat fee: $10 or Concession: $7 (full time students / unemployed)

Whist AKI Adelaide is a not-for-profit organisation, there is an annual membership fee to cover the cost of insurance and registration with AKI Australia & Japan. The annual fee is paid at the beginning of each calendar year. Although the cost depends from year to year, it is generally around $100 per year.


We are located in the Northern suburb of Salisbury, approximatly 20 min from the city of Adelaide and about 40 min from Adelaide Airport at the:

Keller Road Primary School
(Activity Hall)
Melville Road
Salisbury East

Ph: +61 (0)430 225 494


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Parking is available in the main carpark and access is down the west side of the building.
People often find it difficult to locate us, so please feel free to contact us to get a clearer direction.

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