Aikido Kenkyukai International - Adelaide


Australia 2016

November 26th - 27th

AKA Inaugural Friendship Gasshuku in Mittagong

July 16th - 17th

Gasshuku with Seino Sensei (AKI Japan, 7th Dan) and other Japanese members from Kamakura at Sydney

March 25th - 27th

Easter Gasshuku with Hiroshi Yamamoto Sensei (AKI Japan, 6th Dan) at Canberra

February 12th - 14th

Summer Gasshuk with Daiyu Takeda Sensei (AKI Japan, 6th Dan) at Aikido Sydney City

Australia 2015

December 11th - 20th

AKI Adelaide Dojo visit to Japan Honbu Dojo (Higashi-Totsuka)

December 4th - 6th

Gasshuku with Yasuyuki Suzuki Sensei (AKI Japan, 7th Dan) in Tasmania

November 21st - 22nd

Gasshuku with Yoshinobu Takeda Shihan (AKI Japan) at Aikido Sydney City

March 21st - 22nd

Gasshuku with Hiroshi Sensei (AKI Japan) at Seaford, Sydney

January 24th - 25th

Australia Day Weekend Gasshuku with Yasuyuki Suzuki Sensei (AKI Japan) at Canberra

Australia 2014

October 18th-19th

AKI Adelaide Dojo Gasshuku with Mike MacGregor Sensei (AKI Canberra)

August 9th - 10th

AKI Sydney City Dojo Gasshuku with Yasumitsu Kadoya Sensei (AKI Japan 6th Dan)

June 7th-9th

Syndey Gasshuku with Bill Gleason Sensei, 7th Dan

April 18th - 20th

Canberra Easter Camp with Yasuyuki Suzuki Sensei 7th Dan (AKI Japan)

Australia/ Japan 2013

December 14th

AKI Adelaide member Christmas Dinner

November 16th-17th

AKI Sydney City 10th Anniversary Gasshuku with special guest of honour Yoshinobu Takeda Shihan (AKI Japan, 8th Dan)

July 13th-14

Winter Camp with Yasuyuki Suzuki Sensei, 7th Dan (AKI Japan) at Canberra


Special Training with Takeda Shihan in Japan, Honbu Dojo


International Kids Aikido Camp with Daiyu Takeda Sensei (AKI Japan) Sydney, Blue Mountains, Orange, Canberra, South Coast

March 29th - April 1st

Canberra Easter Camp with William Gleason Sensei 7th Dan

Australia 2012

October 30th

Adelaide Aikido Christmas Dinner Get Together

September 29-30

9th Anniversary Gasshuku with Daiyu Takeda Sensei
Hosted by Sydney City Dojo

July 14-15

Bob Gibbon Memorial Seminar with Yasuyuki Suzuki Sensei
Hosted by Newcastle AKI

April 6-8

Easter Camp with William Gleason Sensei (6th dan USA)
Hosted by AKI Canberra

March 10-11

Seminar with Hiroshi Yamamoto Sensei (AKI Japan, Yokohama City University)
Hosted by Sydney City Dojo AKI Sydney City & Bondi Beach Dojo's

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