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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Japan Trip December 2015

Adelaide AKI group visiting AKI Honbu Dojo (Higashi-Totsuka, Yokohama Japan).

Training at the Higashi-Totsuka Honbu Dojo.


Training at Hachimangu Dojo (Kamakura, Japan).

Paul being thrown by Daiyu Takeda Sensei (AKI Japan, 6th Dan).

Post-training dinner.

Sight-seeing around Yokohama, Japan.

Gradings 2013

Congratulations Scott (4th kyu) and Alex (5th kyu) for completing their kyu gradings! June 2013

Congratulations Nick for completing his 4th kyu grading! April 2013

Training Images (Atogeiko) 2012

Below are some images from Atogeiko (after class training).

Matsuri Mobara Japanese Day 2011 October

On October 2011, we were invited to do a demonstration at "Matsuri on Mobara" Japanese Festival held in Mawson Lakes. We had so much fun training on the mat all day on and off the stage. Below are some photos of our sensei Paul throwing and being thrown by one of our black belt student, Anthony.

Adelaide Camp with Mike Sensei (Canberra) 2011 September

On September 2011, we had the previlage of having Mike Sensei over from Canberra for a weekend seminar. From basic rolls to weapons trainings, we learnt a lot in one weekend!

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