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Welcome to Aikido Kenkyukai Adelaide

Aikido Kenkyukai International (AKI) Adelaide is a friendly non-violent martial art aimed at developing a coordinated mind and body both on and off the training mat. Our training is both dynamic and great fun with an emphasis on Ukemi (break falls and rolls) and relaxation in the movememnt.

Working from the teachings of Takeda Yoshinobu Sensei (8th dan, Founder of the Aikido Kenkyukai International) and other AKI dojo's in Japan as well as in ACT, NSW, and QLD. We endeavour to maintain a friendly as well as high standard of Aikido. The term "Kenkyukai" means "research club". In line with this name, AKI Adelaide believes in the philosophy of never ending exploration and growth both as a person and as a martial artist through AIkido training

AKI Adelaide welcomes all new beginners both male and female to come and try this dynamic and highly enjoyable martial art.

AKI Adelaide belongs to an international organisation that has been established since 1964 and our gradings are awarded through Aikido World Headquarters, which are recognised worldwide. Every year, there is opportunity to attend multiple seminars and trainings interstates and overseas with Aikido teachers from all over the world.Please refer to our events page for further information.

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"The secret of Aikido is not in how you move your feet, it is how you move your mind. I'm not teaching you martial techniques, I'm teaching you nonviolence... If all you think about is winning, you will in fact lose everything. Know that you and your opponents are treading the same path. Envelop adversaries with love, entrust yourself to the natural flow of things, unify ki, body and mind, and efface the boundary between self and other. This opens unlimited possiblities...

Those who are enlightened to these principles are always victorious. Winning without contending is true victory, a victory over oneself, a victory swift and sure. Victory is to harmonize self and other, to link yourself to the Divine, to yoke yourself to Divine Love, to become the universe itself."

- Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

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