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Paul Reid Sensei

About the Instructor

Paul Reid Sensei (4th Dan) discovered Aikido in 1998 and soon became a commited student in Adelaide.

Paul trained on a regular basis and travelled interstates and overseas to further develop his Aikido and the ideas that Takeda Shihan was trying to convey.

In 2004, he travelled interstate for 3 months along the East coast to train with various instructors. During this period, he also completed his Sho (First) Dan grading (black belt).

In 2005 he travelled to Japan to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Aikido Kenkyukai Australia. During his time in Japan, he was able to study and attend classes held by Takeda Shihan and other senior instructors. After returnining from the trip, in August 2006, Paul Sensei opened his own dojo. In 2007, Paul Sensei passed his Ni (2nd) Dan grading whilst attending a gasshuku (training camp) in Canberra. In 2010, Paul Sensei completed another grading and was awarded his San (3rd) Dan in the presence of Takeda Shihan. Then at the 2014 Canberra Gasshuku, Paul Sensei was awarded his Yon (4th) Dan. He continues to travel both interstates and overseas on a regular basis to further his understanding of Aikido. Recent visits include Japan (2005, 2010, 2015), Chile (2011), Canberra (2010 - 15) and Syndey (2011 - 14), as well as takin his students on a training road trip around Orange and Canberra in October 2016.

Paul Sensei's teaching focuses on the importance of still mind and relaxation, whilst building awareness and intentions. His classes are often full of fun and energy, where both beginners and advanced students are taught to look after one another and work in harmony.

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