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About the Instructor

Paul Reid (3rd dan) began his martial art's training when he was in his teens studying Tae kwon do for approximately 2yrs. In 1998, Paul discovered Aikido and soon became a commited student to the art and to the promotion of Aikido in Adelaide.

Paul trained on a regular basis and took every opportunity he could to travel interstate to further develop his understanding of Aikido and the ideas that Takeda Shihan was trying to convey.
In 2004 he travelled interstate to sit for his Shodan grading (black belt) and then was to spend a further three months along the East coast training with many senior instructors.

In 2005 he travelled to Japan to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Aikido Kenkyukai in Australia. During his time in Japan he was able to study and attend classes held by Takeda Shihan and other senior instructors in Japan.
On the 8th of April 2007 Paul passed his second dan grading while attending a training camp in Canberra.
Paul's continued commitment to Aikido kenkyukai led to him opening his own dojo in August 2006. He continues to travel both interstate and overseas on a regular basis to further his understanding of Aikido.

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