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Information for beginners

We are a highly friendly group who perceive each member's well being as the most important aspect of practising Aikido. All new and prospective students to A.K.I (Aikido Kenkyukai International) Adelaide are asked to first complete the medical questionnaire and the application form contained in the new membership package. For your saftely, we first ask all new students to observe a class due to the nature and the physical content of Aikido.

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Please Note: As martial art training inherently poses the potential for serious injury, and because one of Aikido's main aims is to harmonize with one another, membership is at the sole discretion of the senior instructor.

Once the medical and application forms are completed and the new member is happy with the obervation of the class, a formal training can begin.

On your first night of training, we suggest you to bring:

* Loose and comfortable clothes
* Bottle of water
* Towel
* Thongs (or similarly easy to take on-and-off footware)
* Completed application form

Clothing and Equipment

Acceptable clothing for beginners includes tracksuit pants or similar loose fitting clothing (no shorts) and a track suit top or T-shirt. This is mainly for saftey reasons to reduce the risk of abrasion on elbows and knees.

The mat can be very hard on normal clothing so once you decide that you wish to study Aikido on a regular basis, it would be advisable to purchase a judo style GI (pants, jacket, belt) available from any martial arts supplier. In our style of Aikido, adults do not use colour belts to show grades. A white belt is worn by all students until they pass the SHODAN(1st black belt) grading when a black belt and a black Hakama (skirt like pants which are worn over the top of gi pants) are worn.

Other Requirements


The weapons used by Aikidoka (Aikido practioners ) include a bokken (wooden long sword), jo (wooden staff), shoto (short sword) and the tanto (wooden knife). These weapons are relatively inexpensive to purchase and can be purchased from any martial arts supplier. It is not necessary to purchase these immediately, however they are recommended for purchase after the first grading.

General Fitness

Although Aikido is a non-niolent martial art, it is still very Aerobic and Physical as well as high energy.Any injuries or Health problems must be brought to the attention of the instructor. All students will accomodate the needs of the individual and at all times show respect and concern for the welfare of their fellow students.

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