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Information for beginners

All new and prospective students to Aikido A.K.I (Aikido Kenkyukai International) before beginning any formal training are asked first to complete the medical questionnaire and the application form contained in the new membership package. As well as completing the membership package all new students are asked first to observe a class due to the nature and the physical content of Aikido.

Once a new member has completed the medical and application forms and observed their first class, training in Aikido A.K.I can begin

Please Note: As martial art training inherently poses the potential for serious injury, and because one of Aikido's main aims of a student is to harmonize, membership is at the sole discretion of the senior instructor.

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We are located in the Northern suburb of Salisbury approximatly 20 min from the city of Adelaide and about 40 min from Adelaide Airport at the

Keller Road Primary School
melville road
Salisbury east

Car parking is available in the main carpark and access is down the west side of the building

Training times

Any new or prospective members are welcome to come and observe any of the classes before beginning training

Monday (*1910) 1930 - 2100**
Wednesday (*1910) 1930 - 2100**

* It is asked that all students arrive approximately 20min before class begins to help prepare the dojo.
** After the formal completion of class students of all levels are welcome to stay behind and receive Ukemi (break falls and rolls)from other students and black belts

Annual Membership

There is an annual membership fee to cover the cost of insurance and registration with AKI Australia paid at the beggining of each calendar year

Class fees

Nightly matt fee: $10
Concession: $7 (full time students / unemployed)

Clothing and Equipment

Acceptable clothing for beginners includes tracksuit pants or similar loose fitting clothing (no shorts) and a track suit top or T shirt. This is mainly for saftey reasons to reduce the risk of abrasion on elbows and knees.

The mat can be very hard on normal clothing so once you decide that you wish to study Aikido on a regular basis, it would be advisable to purchase a judo style GI (pants, jacket, belt) available from any martial arts supplier. In our style of Aikido, adults do not use colour belts to show grades. A white belt is worn by all students until they pass the SHODAN(1st black belt) grading when a black belt and a black Hakama (skirt like pants which are worn over the top of gi pants) are worn.

Other Requirements


The weapons used by Aikidoka (Aikido practioners ) include a bokken (wooden long sword), jo (wooden staff), shoto (short sword) and the tanto (wooden knife). These weapons are relatively inexpensive to purchase and can be purchased from any martial arts supplier. It is not necessary to purchase these immediately, however they are recommended for purchase after the first grading.

General Fitness

Although Aikido is a non violent martial art it is still very Aerobic and Physical as well as high energy.Any injuries or Health problems must be brought to the attention of the instructor. All students will accomodate the needs of the individual and at all times show respect and concern for the welfare of their fellow students.

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