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Aikido kenkyukai International Easter camp 6th - 8th April 2007

The 2007 easter camp was held in Canberra on the 6-7-8th april at the Tuggeranong P.C.Y.C. hosted by Jean-Rene Leduc 5th dan head instructor from Kootenay Aikido Kenkyukai in Canada accompanied by one of his students Dana. The training area in the P.C.Y.C. seemed huge at first, but due to the great turn out of more than sixty people the area was completely taken up. As soon as Jean-Rene stepped on the mat his warmth and energy was felt, with his beaming smile and gracious appreciation of being able to train with us again in Australia. The training on the weekend was very tiring both physically and mentally, but extremely rewarding.
Jean-Rene`s teaching was very free flowing and he talked about creating space whilst extending your energy in both directions. He also stressed the role of uke in the movement is to keep entering but be aware of ma ai and not put yourself in a position to be struck. Focusing on this seems to make ukemi easier and more natural to take. Saturday night was a chance to relax, with us all huddled around the campfire at Laurie`s, with plenty of food to refuel the body.
Sunday morning saw just as many people on the mat eager to soak up some more of Jean-Rene`s wonderful feeling and knowledge of Aikido. With the body getting tired and sore it was important to stay focussed as Jean-Rene had instructed but mentally challenging to do so. Also on the weekend two shodan gradings were held on Saturday and three nidan gradings on Sunday. Congratulations to all involved. All too soon the weekends training was over, with our bodies saying finally but our hearts wanting more.
The training was a wonderful and insightful experience and many thanks must go to Jean-Rene Leduc and to all the people who made it happen. It was great to be training in Canberra at easter again, hopefully we can look forward to more in the future.

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