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Aikido kenkyukai International Spring camp Oct 14-15

The Spring Gasshuku held on the 14th and 15th of October was Takeda Daiyu sensei's first visit to Australia in seven years.Takeda Daiyu also brought his wife and son with him for his visit to Australia and both joined the classes over the weekend bringing a feeling of family and togetherness to the weekend.
The training was held at the Sugao Gakuen Dojo in Terry hills NSW with a wonderful turn out, with people not only coming from the Sydney Area but from as far away as South Australia, Queensland and New Zealand.
The weekends training focused on blending with their partners energy whilst still mainting a connection with there partners centre and leading them without the need to grab or use physical strength. Takeda Daiyu trained with all levels of Students with an incredible amount of warmth and energy. His training style is both relaxed and yet still remains both powerful and energetic.
Taked Daiyu Sensei Is a truly gifted Teacher whose presense on and off the matt was inspirational,his next visit to Australia is much anticipated

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